Thursday, August 5, 2010

Awareness campaign

Some volunteers from Sudanese Red Crescent has, with support from Danish Red Cross, started a music an drama group. The volunteers are really good and super efficient in awareness work. They go to the different local communities in which we work and make great campaigns. I finally managed to find the time to accompany them – this time to a small town, Maju about one hour outside Wau town.

Experience has taught me that nothing starts on time so when I arrived at 12:30 (campaign was set to start at 11 am) I was just on time for the opening 

The campaign is a full-day programme consisting of songs and dramas about different health related themes. The themes of the day were: polio, diarrhea, food hygiene, alcoholism and HIV/AIDS. The dramas were really good and entertaining and brought forward some important messages. The songs had clear messages as well and the rhythms were so good that we had to get up and dance several times. Of course there was also room for some traditional songs and war dances from Maju.

The turn-out was great. This was the first time in the history of Maju (a small place of 400 people) that music and drama had been performed in their village. Everybody had a great day and brought back with them some important messages about how keep themselves and their family health – what a wonderful day!